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Multi Purpose Cleaning Solution

At Merito, we understand the importance of a clean and healthy home. That's why we've developed a powerful cleaning liquid that effectively cleans floors, kitchen counters, table tops, bathrooms, and more - all while killing 99% of bacteria

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Years In Industry​
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Pink Lily

Pink Lily scent is a delightful fragrance that combines the sweet and delicate aroma of lily with a hint of vanilla. It evokes the feeling of a freshly cut bouquet of lilies and serves as a pleasant reminder of the warm and refreshing scents of spring and summer.

Royal Sultan

Royal Sultan fragrance is an alluring scent that emanates a warm and earthy aroma, creating an air of mystery and intrigue. It’s a luxurious fragrance that will envelop your home in a rich and inviting scent, leaving you and your guests feeling indulged and pampered.

Blue Musk

The Blue Musk scent is a charming and comforting fragrance that combines sweet, musky notes with an earthy aroma. Its fresh and crisp scent evokes the feeling of a misty morning breeze, making your home feel peaceful and inviting.

Pearl White

With the Pearl White scent, your home will be transformed into a soft and misty beach, thanks to its revitalizing and refreshing aroma. Its cool and invigorating scent creates a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding.